What is PEAR Carbon Offset Initiative?

PEAR stands for “Partnership for Environmental Action with Responsibility”.

PEAR seeks “collaborative action” for the social construction that is for the global environment and sustainability by developed and developing countries. And the collaboration should be based on the motivation of “a sense of responsibility” as the person concerned.

PEAR’s logo is a pair of pears—a ripe pear and a young pear assisting each other. The ripe pear is developed countries, and the young pear symbolizes a developing country. And the figure assisting expresses two world partnerships which are the origin of the name of PEAR. The partnerships produce green leaves from young pear.

This is the thought that PEAR put in the name and logo.

I did some going by a roundabout way, but now I came to be able to initiate the SHS project to materialize this thought.

I believe that this project is worthwhile to tackle as a solution to the energy access issue, which the off-grid developing country village people are facing at, by Japanese technology and business using renewable energy.

EGAO project is business-based cooperation. Therefore it is based on fifty-fifty relations and puts a value on dignity, independence, and opportunities, not on pity nor compassion.

Hoping you to sympathize with this thought.

Naoki Matsuo
CEO of PEAR Carbon Offset Initiative, Ltd.

EGAO made of Japan